FreeWriters Submission Guidelines

Submission: By submitting stories and commentaries to FreeWriters, you (Author), agree to the following terms, which grant FreeWriters unlimited use of your submission, without compensation, in print, audio, broadcast or digital form, in any publication, services or media offered by FreeWriters. FreeWriters also affirms that you are completely free to resell or re-license your work anywhere else without our permission. Author further understands that FreeWriters will own and copyright in its name, all published submissions.

Editing: Our editors are careful not to alter a writer’s opinions or “voice,” but all submissions are edited for clarity and precision of language and for logic of argumentation and organization. They are also copy edited for grammar and style and may be adjusted to fit the space available in the publication.

Guidelines: Submissions should not exceed 300 words. Submissions must include the author’s name, full address, email and primary phone number. Anonymous submissions are not accepted. Submissions critical of person(s), religion, blasphemous, obscene, legally objectionable or are commercial in nature will not be published.

Original Work: The author warrants that the material is original and that the author owns the publishing and all other rights to the material and that said rights are not subject to any prior agreement or other right that may interfere with or impair the rights of the FreeWriters under this agreement.

Privacy: Submissions from incarcerated individuals, selected for publication, may have their name withheld from publication, for the purpose of privacy, in which case a pseudonym, nickname, initials or anonymous designation (no name) may be used at the sole discretion of FreeWriters. By submitting your work and by providing personal information, you authorize FreeWriters to collect, process and use such information for lawful, FreeWriters purposes; to store your information directly and or transmit it to through third-party vendors, within the United States.